FERTUM® BIOFERT PLUS Seaweed Extract 2-3-2


FERTUM® Biofert Plus Seaweed Extract 2-3-2 is a natural, liquid and 100% water soluble fertilizer, soil amendment and root activator, based on vegetable organic matter and seaweed extracts. Formulated for all types of soils, especially alkaline, saline and/or poor in organic matter content.

BENEFITS OF USING FERTUM® Biofert Plus Seaweed Extract 2-3-2

For the soil:

  • Enhances microbial activity in the soil.
  • Contributes to better soil structure, improves infiltration, gas exchange and water retention.
  • Increases cation exchange capacity of soils; its chelating effect facilitates nutrients availability.
  • For the plant:

  • Helps increase absorption through the roots.
  • Improves response to stress (high/low temperatures, drought, wind, salinity, etc.).
  • Promotes development of root system.
  • Contributes essential elements during the various stages of the plant cycle.
  • Product sold only in the U.S.A.